Thursday, September 1, 2016

                                  Final Snub?

By Reginald Johnson

 Don’t have time to really check this out now, but it appears the Connecticut Post --- formerly the Bridgeport Post-Telegram --- is bailing out of Bridgeport.

  A Cushman and Wakefield “For Sale” sign has appeared just above the entrance to the Post building at 410 State Street. If there was an announcement about the Post leaving previously, I missed it. I did hear from a former Post reporter over a year ago that plans were underway for the city’s only daily newspaper to ditch Bridgeport, and move to Norwalk. 

  Apparently the Post’s owner, the Hearst Corporation, would like to streamline operations by being more centrally located in Fairfield County, since they also own the Stamford Advocate and Greenwich Time, as well as many weeklies.

The Post’s departure represents a final slap in the face to Connecticut’s largest city. The paper under different corporate owners has been gutting city news coverage for years, and previously dropped “Bridgeport” from its name as “The Bridgeport Post,” changing it to “Connecticut Post.” Before that, the morning edition, The Telegram --- where I worked --- was folded.

   This is a sad state of affairs, but not much to be done about it. Such is the world today when newspapers and other media are owned by big corporations who really don’t care about the center cities and just care about the bottom line.

  I’m not about to leave Bridgeport and know many other loyal people aren’t about to, either.